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The IDP Smart 51 ID printer inherits the most successful and proven elements from the IDP Smart 50. Increased print speeds of up to 10%, and enhanced print quality by using Enhanced FINE™ Imaging Technology result in photo-like images and crisp, detailed text on every card.

  • Print a full-colour single-sided card in just 17 seconds
  • Unrivalled 5-year manufacturer warranty
  • Prints to standard credit card sized cards (CR80)

Key Printer Features

Print Quality

The IDP Smart 51 uses Enhanced FINE™ Imaging Technology. This technology delivers photo-like images, vibrant colours, crisp text, instantly dry, ready to issue, and scratch and colour-fade resistant cards.

The true-to-life colour reproduction also ensures that printed cards comply with existing branding guidelines.


Years of development and manufacturing innovation has made the IDP Smart printer brand known for its durability, which is backed up by an industry leading five-year manufacturer warranty.

Ease of Use

This printer is user-friendly and intuitive, and everyday tasks can be completed in a matter of minutes. The current print status, low ribbon notifications and cleaning cycle prompts are all easy tasks to address. After a few batch runs, you’ll be able to share your knowledge with colleagues and also share the printing requirements if necessary.

Ease of Setup

Set up is simple and is focused on making the process quick and efficient with the user in mind. Unbox and follow the quick start guide to get going.


IDP Smart have redefined the level of security provided on both the machine and the visual security on a card. Let’s take a closer look at each aspect.

Visual Card Security

The newest feature available is the SmartMark. SmartMark allows users to add an advanced security feature at no extra cost. The watermark appears in a transparent overlay panel on top of the card. It’s visible to the naked eye and can be customised to include text, pictures or logos.

Secure UV printing capabilities also come as standard with this machine. The feature allows an image to be printed in UV ink, which is only visible under a UV light. This low-cost feature adds a layer of security to cards which is easy to do when using the EasyBadge ID card software.

Combining both elements significantly lowers the risk of printed cards being duplicated.

Physical Printer Security

When considering the security of an ID card printer, the physical security of the machine is an important consideration.

The IDP Smart 51 has several physical security features that protect the printer and its consumables.

The all-in-one lock prevents cards being taken from an unattended printer. It secures the used printer ribbon which often contains personal information from the cards that have been printed.

The optional Kensington lock feature secures the printer to a desk or work surface ensuring that it can’t be stolen. This feature is perfect for those operating in an open office space environment.


The 51 allows for magnetic, contact and contactless card encoding as optional add-ons.

The user can choose contact or contactless chip encoding to enable the IDP Smart 51 to encode access or payment cards to interact with user’s systems.

The magnetic stripe encoding function allows the user to encode information onto a magnetic stripe on a card.

With the use of Enhanced FINE™ Imaging Technology, the IDP Smart 51 range can print machine-readable barcodes such as QR codes, 2d barcodes, and traditional 1d barcodes.

Low Ribbon Notification

IDP has developed a game-changing approach to the way replacement consumables are ordered by focusing towards making it simple for the user.

The new low ribbon notification feature is displayed on the user’s desktop as a pop-up when there is 10% of the ribbon remaining. A further three alerts will be prompted after each batch of seven printed cards. All the user will need to do is click the notification, and they’re taken directly to the Digital ID ribbon page they need.

This feature means user printing downtime will be kept to a bare minimum.

Printer Type

This printer is a direct-to-card (DTC) model that has been designed and developed on proven-to-work features from both the IDP Smart 50 and 70 models.

DTC printing means the card design is taken from the ribbon and then printed directly onto to the surface of the card which gives it a glossy professional finish.

Optional Laminator

The IDP Smart 51 laminator is the perfect solution for users that require highly-secure cards. It’s ideally suited to applications such as national ID, voting cards, driving licenses, accreditations, and other highly-secure applications.

A unique registered holographic overlay is applied to the cards to ensure that unauthorised personnel can’t perform illegal reproduction of the cards.

The lamination module can be fitted afterwards to any IDP Smart 51 unit, be it a single or dual-sided variant, this is the only system to offer this level of security at this price point.

Card Types

The IDP Smart 51 prints to standard CR80 sized cards from a wide range of materials including PVC, PET, and composite PVC cards.

CR79 cards are also compatible with this machine, these types of cards are slightly smaller than CR80.

Print Volume

If you’re printing a high volume of cards each month, then you’ll need a printer that you can rely on, that can also produce the highest quality print possible.

Based on a standard working day of seven hours, the IDP Smart 51 will be able to produce around 5,000 single-colour cards (monochrome) and 1,475 full-colour cards (YMCKO).

Print Speed

Compared to its predecessor the IDP Smart 50, the 51 can print up to 10% faster. In five seconds this printer can print a single-colour card or a full-colour card in 17 seconds. When either of these cards has been printed, they’re instantly dry, ready to issue, and scratch and colour fade resistant.

A speed advantage to the 51 model is the addition of the input hopper cover that can open further which allows up to 200 cards at a time. By using this and the optional upgrade of the rear side card stacker a user can print 150% more cards in each batch.


To accommodate the needs of modern businesses the 51 comes with both a USB and Ethernet connectivity option. The default connectivity is USB, however, if you require multiple users through a network, then an Ethernet connection is required.

meaning it can be connected to one device or linked to a network for multiple uses.

Operating Systems

The IDP Smart 51 is compatible with Microsoft Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, Mac OS, and Linux.


The 51 base model is a slim medium-sized printer that will sit comfortably on an office desk. The exact dimensions of this machine are; width 16.5 cm, length 39 cm and height 21 cm.


Looks are subjective, but in our opinion, the 51 carries a modern appearance. It has a sleek and minimalistic aesthetic that is easy on the eyes and will fit in nicely in a professional office environment.

The two-line LCD screen for navigation of the printer with two LED buttons fits comfortably on the face of the printer.


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