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EasyBadge has everything you need to print high-quality printed cards in one box. From industry research and testing, EasyBadge was designed and developed to meet the needs of those with a small to medium sized printing requirement, without compromising on the quality. EasyBadge prints both full-colour and monochrome cards to standard CR80 (credit card) size, making it an ideal solution for the issuance of staff ID, membership, and access control cards.

  • 5-year warranty cover
  • Prints to standard credit card sized cards (CR80)
  • Free software & mobile app included in every box

    Print Quality

    Vibrant colours, photo-like images, and crisp, clear text are visible on every printed card. This machine has passed numerous test to ensure a high-quality professional glossy finish every time.


    Compact, reliable and built to last; the EasyBadge printer comes with a 5-year manufacturer warranty.

    Ease of Use

    Tasks such as changing the ribbon can be completed quickly due to the load-and-drop style of the ribbon cartridges and their location within the printer.

    Regarding the software, the built-in wizard is on-hand to answer any questions you may have. Or if you’re still unsure, you can opt for the wizard to complete the task for you.

    Although we haven’t encountered an issue to date, our dedicated in-house technical support team are on-hand to assist with any questions relating to the printer, software, and app during working hours.

    Ease of Setup

    From setting up the printer, creating a database within the software, and designing your first card, every aspect is user-friendly and easy to complete.


    Although this is an entry-level machine, there is no compromise towards visual card security. The EasyBadge printer utilises secure UV printing. By using the YMCKO UV ribbon, you can print an image or text onto the card which will only be visible under UV light. With this security deterrent in place, it makes it easier to spot cloned cards. This is the same type of security that is used on UK driving licences.

    Printer Type

    The EasyBadge printer is available as a single-sided direct-to-card (DTC) printer. The direct-to-card print process involves the card design is printed directly onto the surface of the card. The printer offers full edge to edge coverage, and prints to the industry standard 300dpi (dots per inch).

    Card Types

    Regarding card size, the EasyBadge printer accepts CR80 sized cards (standard credit card size). When it comes to thickness, both 0.38mm (15mil) and 0.76mm (30mil) are suitable. Card material doesn’t stop at standard PVC, the EasyBadge printer also prints to PET and composite PVC cards.


    The default connectivity is USB 2.0. Therefore, the printer can only be used by one device.

    Operating Systems

    Before purchasing a printer or bundle, it’s imperative to check the compatible operating systems. This printer is compatible for use with Microsoft Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, 7, 8, OS and Linux. Please note that all versions of EasyBadge software are not MAC compatible.

    Software Features

    Included in every EasyBadge bundle is the EasyBadge Professional card design software, that is complete with instructions on how to download the free EasyBadge mobile app.

    EasyBadge is the only ID card design software that uses a mobile app (Google Play Store and iTunes) that allows the user to capture photos, and search, add and edit records from any location in the world. The app will then sync to the desktop software, and the printer, so new cards are printed quickly and efficiently.

    With an easy to use dashboard, set up wizard and pre-loaded design templates it’s easy to see why it’s regarded as the most advanced card design software on the market.

    Please note that EasyBadge software is not MAC compatible.


    The EasyBadge software was designed and developed with the end user in mind. It’s intuitive design, that’s easy to follow, with steps and on-screen prompts makes the software easy to use. We’re confident in saying that no initial training is required.

    Create Unlimited Records

    There is no limit to the number of data records that can be stored within the EasyBadge Professional software.

    Database Connectivity

    Easily connect any existing CSV, Text, MSQL, MYSQL, Microsoft Access and Oracle databases.

    Batch Printing

    The star list function allows the user to quickly select multiple records and send them directly to the printer with one click.

    Batch Image Import

    Save valuable time by uploading multiple images into the software at any one time.

    Card Design Wizard

    When you first install the EasyBadge software, the design wizard will guide you through designing a simple design, which will allow you to pick a logo. The software will then automatically extract the colours from the logo and will enable you to choose a layout for the design.


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